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Dragonflight Class rules V1.4.3a

Dragonforce 65 Class rules V1.8.3a


Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024

The Case Book for 2021 – 2024


The Call Book for Radio Sailing 2021-2024

Or to put it in a nutshell 10 basic rules of sailing racing your radio yacht


If you prefer to watch Videos these are some good ones.

Firstly the 10 basic rules version. 

Note:- This video is aimed at ‘big boat’ sailing and that there are two main differences for radio sailors to be aware of:

The ‘zone’ around a turning buoy, inside which the inside boat at the mark must be given ‘mark room’ by those boats outside her, is four boat lengths for radio sailors, not three as described in the video.

The penalty turn that must be taken by a boat that has breached a rule is a single turn (a “360”), not a double turn (a “720”) as is required in some circumstances in big boat racing. It’s always just one turn and must be taken immediately the penalty is confirmed, as soon as the breaching boat can sail clear of other boats to perform it (not further down the course when it better suits the offender).

And lastly, a penalty turn (a 360) is really the completion of a tack and a gybe, in either order and in close succession, with no real delay between them to suit the offender. The main boom has to swing across the boat twice.

A short video about Starting Rules

This is a great series from the Royal Yachting Association.

Introduction to Racing Rules 

The Start

Windward Leg  General Limitations, Obstructions  

The Marks part 1

The Marks Part 2

The Run  When do I have to keep my proper course?

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