This is written for prospective Australian owners and predominantly relates to the DF65. Research your local suppliers for other options before buying your first boat.
You can start with a cheap basic package by buying the DF65 Version 5 boat with a transmitter, but for more reliability and competitive racing, I would recommend this package:
Version 7 no transmitter
Buying without the transmitter reduces the cost and you can buy a better transmitter for a little more than the standard one, the Flysky i6 is fantastic value and is used by almost all sailors because it has considerably more functionality. The best features are battery life in the boat is displayed on the screen, so you don’t run out and the boat sails away! plus more fine-tuning of the controls. I can send you a comprehensive operating manual (better than the manufacturer’s one) when you are ready.
You can shop around and buy them cheaper at Amazon, Banggood, and eBay. There are two models – Mode 1 gives you left-hand steering and Mode 2 right-hand, depending on your dexterity. Also, make sure you buy one that has the hard case shell for the receiver and dual antennae (for better receiver reception) – Flysky i6B. There is a version for planes that is covered in cardboard and won’t last as well. Watch for lower cost offers because they may not have the receiver inside.

Batteries –
Please discuss this with one of your local sailors 
A+ Mast Set – 
You will quickly realize that the boat is sailed predominantly in winds under 20kts. The standard A rig (3/4 jib) is best from 12-18 kts. The A+ rig (masthead jib and bigger main) is used about 75% of the time in Perth. I suggest starting with the standard rig till you get used to the boat and want to be more competitive.
The standard ones for A rig are okay but the A+ is a bit too heavy at 50-micron Mylar. I build sails for most of the fleet and send them to other States. I use 36-micron Mylar and can customize the colour (10) scheme to suit your boat and has a wire forestay plus compliant sail numbers.
The dyneema braid supplied with the boat is pretty poor quality but it can be used. It’s better to buy some 30lb spectra/dyneema from BCF or any fishing shop. It will wear better and is easier to thread.

The low price of this gear also means the efficacy is not top of its class, so expect to replace some parts from time to time. I carry plenty of spares if you are ever short.
There are several other smaller parts needed to make this work which OI can supply – extension cable, antennae holders, hatch covers, hull sealing patch etc
If you plan to sail in saltwater, it’s essential to buy some CorrosionX or similar products and use it regularly on all electrical and metal parts.
…check out this video!!!

Assembly Guide
The manual that comes with the boat is very well written and should be easy to follow. Additional tips are available, and I can send you a copy of my workshop notes.
Please feel free to call me for help
Written by Phil Burgess
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
+614 13 200 608

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