Jan 25, 2024

Peel Cup 2024

It was the annual PEEL CUP DF65 Interclub Regatta, and we had 23 skippers from Exmouth, Wanderers, Champion Lakes, Harrington Lakes and Albany

There was a mix of experience and skills on show which made for an enjoyable dynamic in every race. 

We had two skippers from Exmouth have just bought their DF65 and they sailed all day with the smaller A rig. We hope they enjoyed the day and suggest to you all that if you are heading up there for holiday take your boat and find them through the Yacht Club for some fun. Lets help them build a class up there for all.
Our winner with a great result was the fast and clean Nick Jerwood. In his thank you speech he suggested two key points for others. 1) No one wins staying next to another boat. Find clear air and open space. 2) Every time you get involved in an incident you will lose time even if you are in the right. Try and stay clear whenever you can. In second was Bruce Robins who sailed very well but was trapped a few times at the starts. In third place was our defending champion, Peter Buchanan sailed very well but a few races at the end cost him dearly. Back in the fleet we had several skippers that did well in the B fleet race and immediately had to shape up to race the A fleet race. Progression and then demotion back to the lower fleet, it wore out a few skippers.
We sailed 7 races or 14 heats in 3 1/2 hours which is great going, thank you to all the skippers that were ready for their next race almost immediately after the last boat crossed the line.

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