Jan 23, 2023

Peel Cup 2023

Wonderful day of racing in warm conditions on the lake today.

We were forecast hot northerly winds with 36C temperatures and dropping off to super still baking calms at midday.
Thankfully the westerlies came spot on 10 minutes to 1 o'clock and the cooling effects were immediate.

The course that Donks and Ross T set for that northerly wind was abandoned and we moved the buoys across for a west to east direction.
The temperature dropped to 30C but the sun was still baking so it was definitely slip, slop and slap conditions.
We would race for three races then seek shade in the Cabana or under the trees at the southern end.
The new course did offer consistent wins of 5 - 15 knots which allowed for some great racing and yet challenging tacking and downward legs.

We had skippers come from all around the Perth Area, Perth Radio Sailing, Wanderers Radio Sailing, Harrington Waters, RFBYC/Wanderers which was awesome. The local skippers were strong in number but we were missing several due to illness unfortunately.
The fleet of 13 boats was reduced by a few that volunteered or had mechanical issues before the first race. We had four boats suffer the dreaded electrical malfunction during the day and while DW let his boat we could not cover everyone.
It did still leave a good fleet of 11-13 boats starting most races. The starts were for the most part well organised however the pin end of the mark was still sort after and this caused some issues in the prestart maneuvering.

Donks stepped out today to be PRO for the whole day and he was well supported by David Woodcock and Bob Davies and Ross Turnbull. Unfortunately DW had to attend to family health issues and Kieth Morris (Boat issue 2) kindly stepped in to be the scorer for the remainder of the event. Thank you to these guys.

The winner Peel Cup winner 2023of the Peel Cup Trophy day was Peter Buchanan (Harrington Waters) who sailed a very clean regatta and calmly grabbed 3 wins and 5 second places, well sailed Peter. In second place was Ron Viney who had joint lead after 10 races so was sailing very well but a few mistakes around the top buoy cost Ron at least 5 places. In third was Lloyd Coles, the master still had his touch although at times he was a little rusty. Lloyd used to travel down to Austin lakes a lot but admitted he had not sailed on ALRS since Peel Cup 2020. Notable great efforts Allan Pride, Colin Jones and David Jones and Ray Silberseisen who all had a race win during the day, they just struggled in the between races.

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